Chemo Caddies

I am doing this in memory of my father who lost his battle with cancer in 2007. I would really like to help others battling cancer. I know he would’ve appreciated it.
All the caddies will be donated to Jefferson hospital’s treatment center and possibly another center if enough caddies are donated. My goal is be able to donate 50 chemo caddies. A $25 donation will buy a caddy and a few things to go in it, but any donation is appreciated.
Please let me know if you are interested in donating.Thank you!
Please share and spread the word!
Make sure you include who you would like it in memory or in honor of.




So I sit here, a week before school starts and I wonder. I wonder as a parent, how do you “fit in” with your kids friends parents when they are all in a very much tight knit click?

I thought it was hard to “fit in” as a child, teenager, young adult. That was nothing compared to how hard it is to find your place as a parent of a “popular kid.” I’m sure they mean no harm but parents, these parents were “those kids” growing up and now have passed it down to their own kids. The cycle repeats, generation after generation.

Why does this bother me? Why do I need to be friends with my kids friends parents? Well, I don’t really but why don’t they want to be friends with me? It’s like the movie “Mean Girls” but in adult form.

I’m thrilled that my kid is popular and out going and not being picked on. I’ve been on the flip side too. It was awful to watch and no one, I mean no one did anything to stop. I’m still on that side, it’s heartbreaking to see you’re child try to make friends but every time gets rejected. It hurts me as a parent as a human being to watch my child ache for friendship, acceptance.

So I really should not be surprised that kids are so mean and unwilling to let “new kids” in. I mean look at their role models. Who I’m sure think they are doing their kids a favor but in actuality it’s hurting them and others around them. The cycle repeats, again.

So of course I won’t be accepted in their click, but that’s ok. I really don’t need to be, nor really want to be. I want my kids to be happy, have the best time they can as children, because we all know it goes by way too fast. But maybe, just maybe someone can have an open mind and say, why not give this person a chance. Whether it’s a child to a child or a parent to another parent. Break the cycle! You may find out that person is really great. I will commend them for letting their child be friends with my child though.

It’s a very harsh world we live in, can’t we all get along? Stop the cycle! Open your eyes and your mind.



Last night, we went to a local carnival and had a great time. It was late but the boys had a blast riding rides, playing games and eating carnival food.

We were standing in line for a funnel cake and the woman behind me asks if they were all boys. I said yes, we only had three of them with us. She made some comment about them being a handful and I replied I have 5 boys and 1 girl. She then looked at me with her mouth hanging open and made another comment. The thing is, yes I have 6 kids and only 1 girl in the mix but besides her, boys is all I know. My daughter gets just as dirty as my sons, that’s all she knows too. I really don’t see what the big deal is about having mostly boys or mostly girls or all of the same sex. Do I love my boys less because they are boys? No. Do I Iove my daughter more because she’s the only girl? No.

I really think that people need to get rid of this kind of thinking. It’s really offensive and I’m really not sure where this kind of thinking came from. Its not like we can control even if we wanted to. I’m grateful everyday for my children, boys or girls they are mine and I wouldn’t have them any other way. Gay or straight, black or white I love them the same.

So next time you see someone please don’t assume they are unhappy with the gender of their kids or that their gender makes raising them more difficult. Now the topic of how many I have is a different story….

Boys and Girls

Recently I’ve been thinking about something. John is three and he’s a boy. He loves to get dirty and play with cars and trucks. He likes to watch jake and the never land pirates and handy many. He likes to wear shorts and T-shirts and sneakers. But you know what, he also likes to watch mommy and daddy get ready. So he use to try “shave his legs”, and “shave his face”, and he wants me to put make up on him so he looks pretty too. He likes to play dress up. We went to a yard sale and he saw a canteen he wanted, it was purple and said “wild girl”. He watches frozen and princess Sophia and tinker bell. And you know what I’m ok with all of it! I don’t care what his favorite color is and he if wants to wear a princess dress. You see he’s three and he doesn’t know the difference between “boy things” and “girl things”. All he knows it what he likes, and I’m ok with that. Does that mean that he’ll be gay? Does it matter?

I’ve noticed that advertising doesn’t make things any better. They are the worst offenders actually. Boys are suppose to want to be superheroes and girls princesses. But that’s all wrong they need to stop with classification between boy and girl toys, because they are only hurting our children, making them feel we have to like certain things and dress certain ways to be accepted in this world. It makes me sad.

You see I have 5 boys and 1 girl, and my children can be and dress however they want (to an extent), we do have boundaries. So if you see a boy dressed up as a princess or doc mcstuffins and a girl as a pirate or ninja turtle we should applaud their parents for letting them express themselves unlike the society we live in that says it should be a certain way.

We are going to Disneys “Pirate and Princess Live” next week. I’m interested to see how it goes as I’m sure he will be excited about both. We’ll see how many other “open” parents will let their kids be kids.

Bottom line, Love your kids for who they are, not who you want them to be.

Thanks for listening….